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How to Identify if a coaching program is right for you

Updated: Apr 27, 2023

It’s not WORLD size fit all, but one size fit all: How to Identify if a coaching program is right for you

It’s okay to see results from everybody else and read about how a program has helped everyone else, but the bottom line is how can that product/program help you?

I don’t know about you, but when I need help, I need help for ME, okay?!?

I become a little selfish because if I am in need of help I need something that is going to specifically help me, and only me. Now don’t get me wrong it’s great to see the receipts and how a program has helped others, but you really must hone in on what your needs are and how a program can truly help you.

TIP #1

First things first, you need to identify what your problem areas are. What are those things that you know are holding you back from eating better, exercising more, or feeling confident in your clothes? Whatever those things are, those are your problems.

Tip #2

You now need to do two things: (1) Determine what you can do to help improve those problems and (2) then identify the areas that you know you are in need of someone helping you resolve or improve those problem areas. Think of a coaching program as troubleshooting. When your laptop or appliance breaks down, you can likely call a 1-800 number that can walk you through getting that thing up and running. That is what coaching is, you are actually doing the work but your coach is guiding you through how to do the work and how to get the result. So when trying to determine if a program is right for you, you must think about what you need help troubleshooting when it comes to your health and weight?

Girl, please tell me you have your pen and paper and are writing this down?!? If not, go and grab your pen and paper now because I am going to walk you through this.

Tip #3

Okay now that you have that down, look at the program and find out whether what is offered actually helps you troubleshoot. Because again, you can only get help or be guided in areas where there is a problem. A lot of times people are signing up for programs out of popularity and off of someone else’s results, and are disappointed when they don’t get their desired results. It’s because the program didn’t meet your needs. So please don’t go spending hundreds of dollars on a program that will keep you in the same place. You are worth it so do the work on the front end to really make sure that your investment will yield your desired results.

Tip #4

Now hold on to your edges and weaves for this one and let me just say this. Now for those that know me, know that I stay in my lane and try to be as humble as possible. Hell, if I am honest, those same people get on me for not wanting others to address me as “Dr” Tamara. Me, I just want to be Tamara as I never want to think of myself as being better than others or having others put me on a pedal stool. But they give me the “talk” about the blood, sweat, and tears I have put in to earn it, so I just buckle down and say “okay”. But I am going to say this as humble as I know how: please be careful with who you are trusting with your process. There are a lot of google coaches and nutritionists that are winging it through coaching. I have come across people giving advice and run to their page and find absolutely NO CREDENTIALS, not a personal trainer, health-care professional, nutritionist, or even dietician. Now I am not naïve to the fact that a degree doesn’t mean that a person knows more than someone who has a God given talent in their area of expertise. HOWEVER, there are certain issues that people are truly dealing with where they need someone who is a professional, certified, and/or are well experienced to assist them. Hiring someone based on their aesthetics and the aesthetics of their website is not going to get you the results you desire. If you are serious about your journey, you need to hire someone who has credentials AND experience so that you can truly get the support that you deserve. Alright, I’ll just leave that right there.

So why am I telling you all of this? I am telling you all of this because I myself struggled with my weight after having my girls. And one of the most frustrating things is knowing that you have a problem, seeking out help, and getting subpar support and results. So I never want that same experience for my clients.

As a health coach I have all of my clients apply to work with me so that I can identify their issues and ensure that my program is a great fit for their need. My programs are not a quick fix, because there are plenty of programs out there like that, but what my program will do is give you the ultimate support that you need to truly overcome issues in your health and habits that are holding you back from being the best version of you. Because that is what it is really about, YOU. The energy, aesthetics, confidence will come, trust me. But focusing on your needs and health is key to sustainable success.

My prayer is that as you progress into the New Year with your new year resolutions and goals that you truly find a program that is right for you. I want nothing more for you than for you to prosper, be fruitful, and to be healthy. If you took a look around on my site and feel that I am a great fit for your needs, I’d love to work with you! You can click here to apply to work with me.


Dr. Tamara

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