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I lost 35 lbs with each pregnancy 

I lost 35 lbs with each pregnancy 

It's possible for you too!



Dr. Tamara Richards

I am Dr. Tamara Richards. I am a wife, mother, board-certified clinical pharmacist, NASM-certified nutritionist, and ACE-certified personal trainer who is passionate about teaching clients how to reach and maintain their goals. I am an advocate of preventative health and I enjoy promoting health and wellness. My health and wellness journey actually began in 2014, which was the year before I had my first daughter, and at that time I hired a personal trainer and started my journey of meal prepping. This set a great baseline for me during and after my pregnancies. During this time I also eliminated fast food, with the exception of Chick fil a (lol), and really raved up my meal preparation skills into what you see today.


During my first pregnancy in 2015, I gained 35 lbs. and lost 45 lbs. predominately by doing home workouts and meal prepping. During this time I mastered HIIT home workouts, meal preparation, and became an ACE-certified personal trainer. In 2017, Virtuous Bodies was birthed to encourage other women to take charge of their health and live a healthier lifestyle.


In 2018, I became pregnant with my second daughter and faced a very difficult time. For the first time, I battled anxiety and depression which resulted in overeating and limited my physical activity during that pregnancy. As a result I gained 45 lbs. during this pregnancy and absolutely hated the way I looked after giving birth. At the time, I was a full-time wife, mom, pharmacist, and health coach; juggling it all became cumbersome. All moms who have more than one child can likely resonate with the exponential fold of responsibility that is added with each additional child. However, I did NOT let this discourage me. With prayer and meditation I motivated myself to stay active and to eat clean. I started back with my home workouts and then got a system down where I was able to juggle home and gym workouts. Through it all, I maintained a clean diet with meal preparation (and I believe this was my saving grace from gaining more weight). After about a year and half I was finally able to loose the 45 lbs. that I gained with my second pregnancy and overcame depression/anxiety.

Why did I break down my journey? I want you to understand that I am no different than the average woman who has a laundry list of daily responsibilities, but I made a conscious effort to chose me. Why did I say I chose me? Well, I understand that I cannot do all that I have to do on a daily basis if my health is not up to part. Our health and well-being are our most valuable assets and, after God, is the driving force behind all that we do.



































How did I do it?


I will go on record and state that I have NEVER taken any weight loss supplements. I achieved all of my results with hard work, consistency, motivation, clean eating, and home/gym workouts. And so can you. In the TRANSFORMED Coaching Program I teach you how to set attainable goals, how to reach and maintain your goals and to realize and plan for barriers and triggers that can hinder your progression. Most importantly, I pray for and with all of my clients, motivate them through their failures and to their victories, and celebrate their wins.

If I can help create a future where women of God understand that their body is a temple and that they MUST do whatever they can to make sure that their body/health is up to par to do the Father’s work my goal would be met. I feel like once women understand this and they can then have an open mind to prioritize the need to get their bodies (temples) where is should be to truly live a healthy lifestyle.

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