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3 Fall Favorite Recipes

Updated: Apr 28, 2023

I must admit. Fall is my favorite season! Not because of the pumpkin spice, pie, and everything nice. But because it’s a season of major changes all around us, there is a shift that occurs and I love it. I also love the amazing harvest of fruits and veggies that are in season and taste so good! If you didn’t know, I’m not a pumpkin girl, but I absolutely love apples (I’m a sucker for apple pie), squash, and sweet potato. I love them all not just for their amazing taste, but for the nutrients it provides to our body.

Apples, apples, oh how I love thee! The skin of apples provide so many nutrients such as vitamin C, potassium, and polyphenols which can help lower your risk of heart disease, cholesterol, and blood glucose. But, wait for it, did you know that apples can help with weight loss?!? Yes… apples are low in calories, yet are high in fiber so it helps you feel fuller longer without you eating a ton of calories! Studies have shown that people who ate apple slices before meals over applesauce, apple juice, and apple products felt fuller longer and loss weight. So sis, you better go and grab you some apples and get all of the nutrients and benefits of them!

So let’s talk about good ole sweet potatoes! My grandma makes the BEST sweet potato pie and it’s something I look forward to at Thanksgiving (love you Grandma!). I love to pair sweet potatoes year round with any dishes that have BBQ, teriyaki, or sweet-glazed sauces. They taste so good and are packed with so much nutritious goodness! They are packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that protect your body and allows it to thrive!

So I went through my “Recipe Please” vault and pulled out 3 of my favorite fall recipes! But let’s face it, whispers, I cook them all year long because they’re that good!

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Cinnamon Apple Overnight Oats: my absolute favorite mid morning snack that bridges me between breakfast and lunch. I also use it as a pre- or post- workout snack if I’m on the go. These oats are protein packed with an amazing cinnamon apple taste!

Sweet Potato Chili is one of my recipes that I reserve for the fall season. I love the flavors and slight kick that the liquid aminos and seasoning gives this recipe! It’s turkey based, so it’s low in fat and packed with protein goodness.

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Apple glazed salmon with bacon crumbles, so my clients who have tried this recipe literally transcends into a happy dance with every bite. One day I added bacon to salmon and was like umm that’s good. Then it was the fall season and I said umm let me make it glazy with apples, that sounds amazing! And boom here we have it, my infamous apple glazed salmon with bacon crumbles. It’s by far one of the best recipes I’ve created and I absolutely love this combo! And best of all, it’s absolutely perfect for the fall season!

At this point, I know your taste buds may be dancing and you may be salivating deep down inside. So for YOU I’m going to give you my 3 favorite fall inspired recipes. If you click here, you’ll get all 3 recipes delivered right to your inbox. Trust me, I will not spam you because I hate deleting 101,000 emails every day too!

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