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How to Create a Routine as a New or Busy Mom

Updated: Apr 11, 2023

The best thing that I have done for my own peace of mind is to create a routine that supports my lifestyle as a busy mom. When my oldest was only 4 months old I quickly learned that not having a routine that she and I could stick with was disastrous. I do not like chaos. So I quickly made an attempt to organize the chaos of a first time mom and juggling all things in life by creating a routine and tweaking it as life happened.

Routines are important because you can almost predict your day and when life happens you can easily tweak your day, because you have a routine. If you don’t have a routine or have no idea what you’re doing day to day, this can be a common ground for why jugging life as a mom is chaotic. So Sis, let’s build a routine, please :).

Find common things and build from there

So how do you create a routine, you must first start with knowing the common things that you and your baby/children do on a daily basis. Once you write down those things, write down the time/days in which those things occur. Then map these things out on a calendar that list your days and breakdown by 15-30 minute intervals. This will allow you to not only see where your time and energy is going, but will help you visualize common trends and patterns so you can build a routine around it. So for example, if you notice that every day your infant is hungry at 6 am, 9 am, 12 pm, 3 pm etc. and then he/she naps between 10am -12 pm and 3 – 5 pm. This gives you 3-4 hours within your day to do things like cook, workout, or clean. This will also help you better predict when they’ll be hungry or ready for a nap to prevent meltdowns and to keep them comfortable/happy.

Eliminate barriers that will work against your routine

Now in my attempt to find common things that I did on a daily basis, I quickly found that my work schedule was all over the place and therefore it prevented me from actually creating a routine. So the first thing I did (again this is just me) was I left my first job as an ICU Clinical Pharmacist because the schedule was all over the place. One day I had to be in at 6 am, the next 7 am, then 9:30 am, and then maybe 2 pm. That did not work for my infant and therefore it was chaotic trying to attempt to build a routine.

Before you build your routine, you have to start by looking for the barriers that are preventing you from creating a routine. Now I know everyone can’t find a new job, but maybe you can ask for different hours or shifts to accommodate your new role as a mom.

My mindset shifted when I became a mom. Prior to this, I wanted to be this glorious board certified ICU pharmacist and have all the credentials and accolades. Child, please. My most important job is being a wife and mom and therefore, everything else is just going to have to revolve around it. After I had Kamryn, I soon realized that Corporate America cared two middle fingers about me and my desire to be a great mom. So the credentials, the titles, and my so-called dream went bye-bye. Now I know it can be extremely heartbreaking to realize that the dream career that you wanted, is now further in reach because of your new beloved baby and your new found responsibilities in caring for him/her.

But let me ease the pain a little. I can tell you that 6 years later, I am still living the American dream, but this dream revolves around my children and lifestyle because I decided to prioritize what was most important to me. Though I only practice as a ICU pharmacist once a month these days, you cannot put a value on time and flexibility. I have had two different jobs that got better and better with time which both helped me be the mom that I want to be to my girls.

So after finding those things that you and baby commonly do you must address the barriers. Remove, change, or step over them in faith and believe God to make it all work out for your good. Continue to sit at his feet in prayer and he will open doors on your behalf so that you can truly be the woman you desire to be.

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Execute your routine

Once you weed out the barriers you then have to execute your routine. Which for most moms will be met with resistance from a 2 ft. infant or toddler. Sis, please know that they are going to fight the routine. But nothing worth having will come easy. Just devise a plan and stick to it. It’s for your and their own good. Remember to change things one thing at a time so you can tweak if necessary. If you change too many things at once, you won’t know the exact thing that they’re resistant to and will likely fold and give up. Remember that small steps lead to big wins. I actually teach this during my on-boarding of clients in my signature coaching program, Blood, Sweat, and Macros. I personally create a weight loss plan that helps you create a routine that is personalized to you and your lifestyle. And we dive deeper and into your routine in week 2 of the program so that you can tweak and make changes that will help you reach your weight loss goals while being the best mom that you can be. Click here to apply.

Get you a wing man

Finally you need to divide a conquer by getting support. Creating a routine sounds amazing on paper, but when you’re dealing with a newborn, infant, or toddler they are truly the boss, if you know what I mean. So you may need to call in for reinforcements, get help that is offered, and to ask for help to make life easier. Don’t be afraid to call on your spouse, family, and loved ones who you can trust to help make life easier and help you solidify your routine.

Adjust and Don’t Give Up

Now once you have your routine down, please know that it will change in another 3-6 months. As your baby/child grows things will change. Have an open mind about this, give yourself and baby grace, and adjust accordingly, but don’t give up. You will find that if you stick to your routine your little one will fall right back in place even when small changes are made, because 80-90% of their routine will stay the same. They will then learn the new changes and within a couple of days things will be back to a new normal.

So Mama you got this!

Now please know this is not coming from someone on the other side of a keyboard just typing -ish for social likes or views. I have been in the trenches with the journey of motherhood and to pay it forward this is my piece of wisdom to share with another Mama along the way. Building a routine helped me determine when I could actually get a quick workout in, go for a run, start prepping for dinner, cook dinner, or even do a mini spa day in my bathroom. It gave me the freedom to be me and to take care of my responsibilities and needs, and truth be told, I want the same for you.

Please comment below to share what helped you build your routine or if you found this blog helpful. Remember to share with another Mama who may need help in this area.

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