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Are You Still Eating From the King’s Table?

Updated: Apr 11, 2023

As a Health Coach, Pharmacist, and Nutritionist Daniel almost made me shout in the first chapter of the book of Daniel. In this Chapter, the King ordered a group of distinct men to eat from his table for 3 years and at the end of those years they’d sit at his right hand. Meat and wine were provided to them to eat, but Daniel and the 3 men did not want to defile their bodies. So they pleaded with the watchman to let them fast meat and wine from the King’s table for 10 days. The watchman was like “Oh no! If you don’t eat his food, he will know because you will be weak and look weak”. But Daniel told the watchman, “Trust me, he will not even know!”. For 10 days Daniel and the 3 men fasted and prayed and at the end of the 10 days they were stronger and looked more radiant than those who ate from the King’s table.

Y’all… I almost shouted during my study time!


Daniel was wise enough to know that the King’s food wasn’t all that it was worked up to be. He knew that after 3 years he’d be exalted to a higher level by the King, but he also understood that eating food from this King could hinder his ability to do what his King needed him to do. So Daniel chose to deny the “good stuff” that he knew would weaken him and trust that his obedience to honor his temple at all cost would give him the strength he needed to not just live, but thrive.

Here we are centuries later and most of us desire to thrive, but we are living off of the King’s food. We wonder why our minds and ability to think is clouded, we’re too weak and winded to do much of anything, and why our health is failing us. It’s because we are still eating from the King’s Table!

Dr. Tamara what do you mean by eating from the King’s Table?

Well I’m glad you asked!

At this point, we are aware that the many of the foods in our food system (“The King’s Table”) area defiling our bodies. And instead of being obedient to what God wants for us and our bodies, we continue to eat from the King’s Table. More than ever there are more processed foods, a variety of alcoholic drinks that are low calorie and trendy, all types of e-cigarettes, and the list goes on… these are things that come from the King’s Table (our society/food system) and we continue to eat/consume it knowing that it is not only defiling our bodies, but are slowly killing us.

Do not miss this!

This is very important, because the Father needs our bodies so that we can be about His business and not ours. Daniel and the 3 men were able to do Kingdom work, because they were stronger, wiser, and in tune with Him. But if you are eating foods that can impair your health, thoughts, and emotions then what good are you to the Kingdom? God has given us all a very important job and that is to Honor our Temple/Body. He asks us to do this because he needs us in tip top shape so that we are able to mentally, physically, and emotionally be used to complete his assignment.

This blessed me because I have said it time and time again that Virtuous Bodies was founded to help women of God nurture their bodies so that they can do the Father’s work. This helped me to see the importance of my work and to give other women an example of how to honor and nurture their bodies through the life of Daniel.


Dr. Tamara

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