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Planned Eats is a step by step guide that takes the guessing out of planning and prepping your meals. With more than 90 different recipes that are kid-, hubby-, and picky- eater approved you can't go wrong or grow tired of the foods that you prep. Planned Eats provides you well balanced meals for you and your family that won't compromise your taste buds or waistline. Close attention is paid to every single recipe to ensure that ingredients are not high in sodium, fat, carbs, and/or sugar for weight loss and health benefits. 

Planned Eats: The Ultimate Meal Prep Guide for Moms


    • 90+ recipes that are kid-friendly and picky eater approved

      • Serving Size for Portioned Meals

      • Calculated macros for each recipe

      • Recommended pairings

      • Recommended appliances to use for efficiency or taste

    • The Ultimate Meal Prep Guide for Moms- A guide loaded with tips, tricks, and step by step guidance on how to plan and prep your meals

    • A workbook to help you make meal prepping a consistent healthy habit. Worksheets include:

      • ​Build your Meal Prep Strategy​

      • Build your Plate

      • Build your Salad

      • Build your "Go To" Recipes

      • How to do a Kitchen Audit to create meals

      • Meal Prep Rehab- Your Go To When Things Go Wrong

    • Kids Corner 

      • How to Build a Well Balanced Kid's Lunch​

      • Lunch Ideas & Recipes

      • How to Meal Prep for Picky Eaters

      • How to Incorporate Fruits & Veggies

      • How to Improve your Child's Diet

    • 8 week meal plan with grocery list, cooking order, and macros included

    • Exclusive access to new recipes

    • Exclusive access to Facebook group for motivation & support

    More Info, click here

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