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You are Maintaining your 


I know that this is a bummer if you have been eating to lose weight. But sis you are not alone, there are many people who seek out to lose weight only to find out that they are actually eating to maintain their current weight. And here is why. In order to lose weight you have to burn more calories than you eat. If you are eating the same amount of calories that you are burning from exercise and your day to day then you are actually maintaining your current weight.

The truth is that unless you are tracking your food, you will never really know what or how much you are actually eating.
Although your meals may be clean and whole, you may not be aware that certain foods that you are eating are actually higher in fat, your portions are too much, and servings are too many.
The good news? This is correctable and you can actually reach your weight loss goals.

All is not lost...


Here Are 3 Things That You Can Do to Eat for Weight Loss


Track your food

Tracking your food simply means that you are going to log every single thing that you eat to keep track of the calories and grams of each macro group (i.e. carbs, fat, protein) you're eating. Tracking your food is a quick and simple way to help you keep track of what you are actually eating. YES, it can be tedious at first, but it is so rewarding because you will become more aware of the quality and quantity of foods that you are eating. This in turn will help you make an informed decision about the foods that you are actually eating at restaurants and at home to help you manage your weight and health.


Here is the thing: You will never know what you're eating if you are not tracking your food. You will never know where you are going wrong in your diet if you don't track your food.


Weigh your food


This gets into portion size. Many times people are failing in their diet not because of what they are eating, but how much they are eating. People are not aware of the proper portion of food they should eat to actually manage their weight and reach their goals. Weighing your food can only be done for home cooked meals, as you will have to rely on the nutritional facts from non-home cooked meals. I recommend weighing your carbs and protein since these are usually the two problem areas that people struggle with. Many people are scooping too much rice, potatoes, and grains onto their plates and not eating enough protein. Fruit can also be an issue if you over consume it, as excess glucose (sugar) of any sort will be stored as fat, so fruit may be another thing to weigh to ensure you are not consuming too many carbs/sugars from fruit.


Read Labels


I know that you have heard the phrase "reading is fundamental", right?!? Well sis, indeed it is! The label is your go to for decision making when it comes to food. It helps you know exactly how much you are eating per serving size and whether the amount of carbs/fat/protein is enough to keep you on track or deviate you from your weight loss goals. Also, you want to be sure to pay close attention to the grams of carbs/fat/protein over total calories, because macros let you know whether a food is mostly composed of fat or carbs vs. being a well balanced food. Once you start reading labels and tracking your food, you will have an awakening like no other! It's as if you gain a new set of eyes that not only helps you manage your weight, but that also gives you more energy and improves your overall health!

The Good News Is...

I teach all of these things inside my group nutrition program NOURISH.

In just 8 weeks you will know how to:

Portion your food for weight loss
Identify foods/ingredients that are harmful for your weight and health
Be more consistent with healthier eating habits and routines
Eat with confidence regardless if at home, out and about, or on vacation without crazy restrictions.

I share with you the same framework that helped me lose +45 lbs. after each of my 2 C-section pregnancies and that has helped dozens of other moms do just the same.

Wondering who I am to tell you how you are eating?

Well I am glad you asked...

Hey, I am Dr. Tamara Richards

I am a board-certified clinical pharmacist and certified nutritionist.


I help moms lose and maintain their weight by learning healthier habits without crazy food restrictions, jeopardizing their taste buds, or drastically impacting their lifestyle.


And I’m here to support you, no matter where you’re at on your journey.

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