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7 Tips for building a Post-Partum Workout Routine

Updated: Apr 11, 2023

2022, is that REALLY you?!?

It is safe to say that we have skipped from 2019 to year 2022 in the blink of an eye. For most moms this has not just been a rollercoaster of emotions and troubleshooting, but it has also meant self-neglect of HER. HER/SHE/I is that bold MUVA (woman) that lies deep down inside of us.

You know the one we bury for the sake of our kids and the laundry load of task that we have to do on a daily basis, and let’s not forget about that little thing called responsibility. With masks, lock-downs, doctor visits, and distance learning our responsibilities have been waist deep which has likely left little to no time to essential work on YOU.

Sis is it 2022 and it time to get our whole lives together…

It is officially time to walk boldly as the woman of God that you are! I have taken the time out to list 7 tips that I can share with you to get your started with your weight loss journey. So let’s get into it…

Before we get into these postpartum weight loss tips, it’s very important to note that your eating habits will play a huge role in your results. If you aren’t sure if your eating habits are affecting your weight loss journey, take this FREE quiz where we help you determine if you’re over or under eating.

Tip # 1

First things first start by determining the type of workout you’d like to do. This helps you know exactly how much time you need to set aside for your workout and where you can actually workout. If you are looking for a quick, effective workout that will help you burn fat after your workout is complete, a 20-30 minute high intensity interval training (HIIT) workout would be ideal for you. See how that works? Knowing the type of workout also helps you know where you’ll need to complete your workout. HIIT workouts can be completed anywhere whereas a CrossFit or resistance training workout may need to be completed at the gym, so the type of workout matters for a post-partum mom.

Tip #2

Take a look at your schedule and find out when the best time is for you to workout. You want to find a time where you can actually focus and get it done so that you can go on to tackle the laundry list of tasks for the day. For most moms this is early in the morning, 45-60 minutes before the littles ones wake. By starting your day with a workout it gives you a little “me time” before loving on your babies, self gratification throughout the day that you actually did something for YOU, and best of all, your workout is done for the day! Early morning workouts are not always best for every mom. Some moms may need to workout during their babies naptime while others may need to get it in after dinner or bedtime. The key is finding the time that you need to take care of YOU!

Tip #3

Once you find out what time of the day works best for you, begin to think about how much time you are really working with? Do you only have time for a 20-minute HIIT workout or do you have time to do a 1 hour circuit training exercise? Planning out your days will help you understand how much time you truly have to exercise and from there you can realistically create a workout schedule.

Apply to work with me so that I can help you find the time you need to create a routine that is right for you and your lifestyle. I specialize in helping moms create a system that works for their schedule and lifestyle.

Tip # 4

Knowing exactly where you want to get your workout in is just as important as finding time to actually get it done. Most people automatically aim to workout at the gym, but if your lifestyle looks anything like mine when I was trying to figure out my way as a new post-partum mom, the gym may not be an option for you. And that is okay, all hope is not lost. I actually lost 25-30 lbs. after my first pregnancy right in my home. It’s not about where you do your workout, but more about the type and intensity of each workout that truly matters. So, while you are taking the time to look at your schedule to know how much time you actually have to work with, take a look at where you could complete your workout within that time frame. And if you can get an outdoor run in or dash to the gym, then go for it sis. But if your time only allows you to consistently do home workouts then it is important to workout where your kids will be comfortable. Whether newborn or toddler find a comfortable space near their area of comfort to workout. This will reduce distractions so that you can focus on your workout. For some moms this is outside in the backyard as the little ones run around, while for others it’s in their living room while the little ones watch their favorite Disney Junior show. I know that social media portrays these beautiful home gyms, but sis get it in where you fit in. Because your results are not based on where you are working out, but more on your ability to be consistent with what you are doing to burn energy. I simply want to encourage you that it can absolutely be done, so be encouraged and go for it mama!

Pictures of me working out as a mom of 1 and mom of 2. There were many times my workouts were only 10 minutes, while others were stop and go type workouts due to tantrums and boo-boo’s. But I kept showing up for ME and was determined to get it done.

Tip #5

Make sure you are following a workout routine that you actually enjoy. Don’t choose a program solely based on results, but really ask yourself whether you actually enjoy the actual workouts that are within a program. Buying a Pilates program when you truly love bootcamp style workouts will cause you to be unengaged, bored, and will lead you to failure at some point. Don’t know what’s best for you just yet, do a little research on different types of workouts to see what may be best for you. My mom always says, nothing beats a failure than a trier. So the best thing you can do is keep trying different workouts until you find something you can consistently stick to.

Tip #6 The next tip may be one that you neglect to include, but you absolutely cannot afford to skip resistance training. I know, I know you have probably been programmed to believe that weight loss equates to countless minutes on a cardio machine. Don’t feel bad, I used to think the same thing too! Most of us want to lose weight, but we also aesthetically want to look goodt, okay?!? And the way you get that toned, defined, and sexy look is by including resistance training into your workout routine. Not only will it help define your muscles, it will help burn fat even after your workouts. And if you are one of those women who are afraid of looking bulky, please understand that all women have muscles and you can tone them to the definition that you desire. Once you feel that you have reached that desired threshold, you can then maintain your results where they are; simple. So there is no need to stray away from lifting weights. Add them to your routine at least for 2-3 days a week for 30 minutes, because resistance training is truly the REAL GOAT, trust me.

Tip #7

Last but not least, please always remember your why. As a mom we have a million things to do. Adding a 30-60 minute workout is just out of the question for most of us. But the one thing that will help you find the time for self-care and your workouts is by remembering why those workouts are important to you. Maybe you want to get rid of your FUPA, fit into a dress that is just too tight to wear anymore, or maybe it’s feeling confident when you see yourself in the mirror. Whatever it is, write it down and find motivational affirmations that will help you continue to work on YOU. Because the bottom line is that there is never enough time and energy to get a workout in when you’re a mama! There is always going to be something else that requires your time and energy, but when those negative thoughts creep in to pull you from your exercise routine always remember why it is important for you to get it done.

Feeling like you just can’t do it on your own?

No worries at all!

My name is Dr. Tamara. I am a board certified clinical pharmacist, certified nutritionist, certified personal trainer, wife, and mom of 2 who completely understands what it is to juggle life as a mom.

I use a 4 pillar model that incorporates nutrition, movement, mindset, and health to help moms truly lose weight, regain their confidence, and improve their energy. The best part about all of this is that you don’t have to jeopardize your taste buds or time. That’s right, I help moms learn how to improve the quality and quantity of the foods they already love while learning to use their time more efficiently to get results.

Mama, it’s time to finally take a chance on you! It is time to get your health, nutrition, and body in alignment with the plans that God has for you. Click here to apply to work with me.

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